This article will lead you to a resource calendar to fix the price or revise the inventory of the resource.  Let’s have a quick view and start your own one.


Publish > Resource Calendar

Let’s get in Click in rezio Admin to do the job !

  • How to look Resource Calendar

There are different products under your store so there must be lots of resources, after you get in the resource calendar, select the resource you want (Multiple choice is allowed), it will indicate the status as a single day

Description:If no resources are established, please get in  Settings:Resource. First to set up resources, then you will see how it looks in the resource calendar。

  • The date will be displayed by default,click the left or right arrow to the date you want.

  • It will indicate the name of the resource、mode of the resource(Single or Group resource)、 the Earliest available time、Resource usage duration.

  • The green spot is the usage time and will show the earliest time slot. If the usage time for this resource is All Day, then it will show it from 00:00.

  • 將滑鼠移到綠色區塊上,會出現綠色虛線方框,每個方框(方格)就是一個可被使用的時段,當每個時段的剩餘可分配數量都相同時,所有時段會合併顯示。如果各時段的剩餘可分配數量不同時,則會分開顯示各時段的已分配與剩餘數量。

Description:Please look below. The earliest use time is 9:00AM,the shortest use time is 4 hours,so each marked out area will be 4 hours. Click the mark out area then you may see the details .

  • Edit Resource 

Same as when editing the sales calendar, you may edit the resource of the specific timeslot. After editing, the system will calculate the correct inventory automatically.