This guide is intended to help you walk through the translation settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding translation to your products for your customers to view on MySite providing a multilingual interface for a foreign market.


Settings > Translation

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Translation to start translating your product details.

Manage translated content

After entering the main screen of the translation area, you can enter tag keywords in the search box or drop down to select the type to query the content to be translated, including shared vocabulary and individual products.


  • If it is a vocabulary shared by the entire site, the original language will be "not specified". You can freely set the languages you need. If you don't set it, it will directly display the language you originally filled in.

  • For individual products, the "language" is set when you created the product, which refers to the language of the original data you filled in. When customers switch languages, the system default vocabularies such as "search", "location", "description" will automatically change to the selected languages, but the information you fill in, such as product name, sales option name, etc., will have to be translated.

Note: If you select English as the language when you add a product, but use Chinese to create a product, you will not be able to add an English translation area, and when consumers switch the system language to English on the official website, the product will appear in Chinese. Please pay attention!

  • Edit multi-language translation

  1. Click on the name to enter the editing screen

Note: After the itinerary is successfully created, it will be automatically added to the translation area.

  1. Click + to add the language you want to add

  1. Click + to add language, click X to delete language, you can also select all with one key or delete all with one key

  1. Click to confirm after selection

  • After setting, the new language column will appear on the page, click X to delete this language at any time

  1. Fill in the language translation in the corresponding field

  1. After filling in, press to save


Note: If you set up the product in English and did not fill in any translation, then when the consumer enters your official website, only the English product description will appear. Even if the consumer converts the official website to Chinese, only the content built in the system will be English appears!

The following figure illustrates: the original text of the itinerary is in English. After adding the translation of traditional Chinese, it will look like when it is displayed on the website. The red box is the appearance after filling in the translation, and the blue box is the appearance without filling in the translation.

It is recommended to fill in the translation completely, it will be easier for consumers to watch and understand!