This guide is intended to help you walk through deposit settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding filtering and editing deposit policy.

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  • System preset rules

  • Add deposit rules

  • Search and modify deposit rules

Settings > Deposit

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Deposit to start editing.

  • System preset rules

  • There are two deposit rules built into the system, namely, no deposit required and full advance payment.

  • Add deposit rules

  1. Click +Add

  1. Enter the label name of this deposit rule

  1. Drop down to select currency

  1. Drop down to choose Deposit rules

  1. Enter the percentage or amount according to the deposit rules

  1. Payment settings can be freely chosen by you

  1. Finally click Create


Note:When the deposit rule is fixed amount, the percentage field will automatically change to amount

As shown below


Note: Check to set the deposit payment deadline, you can set that the order placed a few days before the departure of the itinerary needs to be fully prepaid

Note:After the creation is complete, you can directly click the deposit rule you added in the deposit rule of the new itinerary to use it, or you can edit it directly in the itinerary!

  • Search and modify deposit rules

On the main page of the deposit rules, you can enter the tag keywords in the search box or drop down to select the currency, and the results that match your search will appear.

Note:Even if the search content does not contain no deposit and full prepayment, the two built-in deposit rules in the system, no deposit and full prepayment, will appear in the search results

  1. Click on the label name to enter the editing screen

Reminder:There are two deposit rules built in the system, no deposit required and full prepaid, not editable

  1. After editing, click Save (Cancel will not access this edit)

Reminder:Any modification will affect all itineraries bound to this rule

  1. Click Delete to delete this booking information label

Reminder:The booking information of the bound itinerary cannot be deleted