This guide is intended to help you walk through the booking information settings in Rezio Admin .

Settings > Booking Information

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Booking Information settings.

  • Adding booking information

    To add a new booking information label:

  1. Click +Add to enter add mode.

  2. Enter the name of this reservation information setting in the tab.

  3. The content that can be set is divided into two parts. "Reservation information of the reservation website" is a data field that customers need to fill in when placing an order from the reservation website. Required and optional fields can be set for the order contact person and individual travelers. "Order details reservation information" is an additional field that can be filled in when adding an order from the management background.

  4. The last name and email in the required fields of the order contact information are the basic information of the system settings and cannot be removed. You can click + to add other fields, or click X to remove.
    Click + to open the optional fields, if necessary, you can also customize the fields to use

  • Set custom fields

    5.On the screen of editing reservation information, add a custom field

      6.Enter the field name in the label

      7.Provide the type of field to be filled in the Type field