This guide is intended to help you walk through order management in Rezio Admin which covers how to navigate in the order list, view order details and change order status, manage resource allocation, view and edit customer contact info., view and edit booking info., add and delete payment records, redeem a voucher and cancel redemption, add and remove internal notes, view product details and order change history.

Orders > Order List

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Order List to view all orders.

Filter function

  1. Use quick view to confirm the order

  2. You can enter keywords, order source, account status, order status, payment method, order processing label, and order claim status or filter according to the order date, departure date, and specified date interval

  3. Click search

  4. Click to sort

  5. You can choose your preferred order sorting method

  Check order

  • In the order list, the order number, order status, itinerary code and name, customer name, total order amount, account status, balance to be collected, order source, order date, itinerary departure date, and the person in charge of the order are displayed in sequence




  1. Click the order you want to view, you can display the complete information of the order






Order details top area


  1. Contains the order number, order source, order status, and the integration of payment receipts and payments, so that you can quickly grasp the order

   2.Click Email to send professional notification letters or receipts to customers with 

        one click

Note:The letters that can be sent will be restricted according to the status of the current order.


      3.The current order status will be displayed above, and the system provides the 

       following statuses:

  • New order unpaid (from an order that has not yet completed payment on the booking website)

  • New order has been paid (from platform orders and orders that have been paid on the booking website)

  • to be confirmed

  • confirmed

  • Check-in and write-off

  • Not reported

  • Cancellation application (appears only in orders from the platform)

  • Cancel processing

  • Cancelled

     4.You can go to the order list to update the current order status at any time to 

      make the order status more clear

     5.After clicking the check-in check-out, if you want to change, click X to return to   

      the confirmed status

Order details

Order Details

  • Including the total amount of the order, the order itinerary, the selected package, the scheduled departure date, the number of people, the additional purchase items (if there is an additional purchase), taxes, the selected payment method, the content of the customer's remarks, etc.



Change order

  1. Click Edit to change the order

Note:Itinerary and package cannot be changed


Resource usage allocation

  • If the itinerary selected by the customer has resource binding, this tab will display the consumed resources and quantity

Note:If it is a multi-option resource, the resource can be assigned here



Customer Information

  • The order contact information in the reservation information is based on the settings of the ordered itinerary. The content filled in by the customer will be displayed here, and it can also be edited.

Booking Information

  • If the ordered itinerary includes an interpretive tour, or pick-up, the result selected by the customer will be displayed here

  • Booking information, that is, passenger information, according to the settings of the ordered itinerary, the results of the customer’s filling will be displayed here

  • All fields on this page can be modified

Note:If there is no commentary navigation setting in the product settings, and there is no individual passenger information in the booking information, this page will display no booking information

Account records

  • Bookkeeping function, supports various foreign currencies, can log in accounts freely, and record every payment made by customers

  • Records of the amount received and paid, linked to the amount in the top area, paid, refunded, and pending payments will increase or decrease accordingly

Note:All the account information for online payment will be automatically imported into the account record of the back-end order after the consumer pays. For cash and ATM / bank transfer, you need to manually enter the payment information

  • Various rules are on the side for you to check the deposit rules and cancellation rules of the order 



  • Manually add non-system account records (same method as manually adding refunds)

  1. Click to add payment record or refund record

  2. Set payment date

  3. Choose currency

  4. Fill in the amount

  5. Set payment method

  6. Click to add

  7. After adding, it will record

  • The top area will update the account information (if it does not appear, the page can be refreshed)

  • Online payment and account records

  • After the consumer uses the online payment method to pay, the account will be automatically transferred to the system

1. If you need a refund, click Refund

2. Enter refund amount

3. Confirm refund

4. After the refund is completed, a record will appear, and the top area will also update the account information (if it does not appear, the page can be refreshed)




1.Click Cancellation, check the certificate you want to cancel, then you can cancel the certificate


2.Click the voucher action, you can choose to send voucher notification, reform voucher, download voucher, copy URL, view voucher, etc.



3.Click Edit, you can enter the supplier order number, tour guide/driver name, and contact phone number

4.Editable voucher notes

  • Effect shown on the voucher



  • If you choose to upload the QR code and the voucher yourself in the itinerary, please upload here


  • Note: If it is not for Rezio QR Code, you will not be able to use rezio's APP to scan for registration

  • QR code file format restrictions: jpg, png, voucher file format restrictions: jpg, png, PDF

  • Total file size limit 8 mb


1.Fill in the text

2.Click + to add a message


Reminder:Remarks are only for your internal communication. Only internal members who can log in and have order permissions can see the message


3.Only the member who wrote the note can delete the note


Order transaction record

  • Provide order history query, including operation records between the system and different accounts, and can fully grasp the change situation



Cancel order


1.How to cancel the order (after canceling the order, the quantity will automatically return to the saleable quantity)

Reminder:Orders from the booking website: Customers cannot request cancellation actively, please click Cancel Order



2.Select the reason for cancellation


3.Fill in external remarks and internal remarks

External remarks: remarks in the cancellation notice sent to customers

Internal remarks: cancel remarks viewed by internal personnel



5.Confirmed status change

Note: the status is changed to cancel processing, after processing all the cancellation procedures (for example: refund, etc.), you can click Cancel to complete


6.Send a cancellation notification letter, which can be edited (the message is preset to be the external remarks when canceled)


Note: The system will not actively send the cancellation notice letter, so you need to send the letter independently



Platform order cancellation application


1.If you do not accept the guest's application for cancellation, please directly reject the order


2.If you agree to cancel, click Cancel Order


3.Confirm the reason for cancellation and cancellation fee


4.Choose to refund according to the cancellation rules or full refund due to special reasons


5.After canceling this order, KKday staff will refund the customer