This guide is intended to help you walk through how to setup vouchers in Rezio Admin which covers setting up with Rezio voucher or your own customized voucher.


Product > Product List

Log in to Rezio Admin and navigate through Product List to the Publish Setting section.

  • Setting up vouchers
  1. Go to Product > Product List.

  2. Click on the product you would like to setup voucher.

  1. Navigate to Publish Setting tab and scroll to Voucher Settings section. 

  2. You can choose one of the voucher type for this product: NoneRezio Voucher Custom VoucherUpload Voucher Files or OTA Vouchers.


  • None (No voucher)

When choosing None, there won’t be any voucher sent to your customer. 

  1. Select the check-in method for your customers to process upon arrival. If you choose Customize, you can leave a message to explain how to check-in. 

  • Rezio Voucher (User default template)

If you choose Rezio Voucher, the voucher will use default design, and can be generated in the language you choose. 

  1. You can choose to Use Rezio QR Code or Upload Customized QR Code.  Contact your Rezio Expert if you want to use API QR code or Barcode.

  2. Select how the voucher will be generated and how many times one voucher can be redeemed.

    • For example, when the booking is for 3 adults, if you choose By Order, only 1 QR code will be generated, and if you choose By Identity/Item Quantity, total 3 QR codes will be generated.

  3. Select Voucher Language.

    • Custom:The voucher will be in your selected language regardless of the language used when your customer made the booking.

    • According to customers’ order languages:The voucher will be in the same language as the customer’s language.

  4. Select how and when to send the voucher to your customer.

  5. Select the instructions on How to Use the voucher, you can choose from the default text or enter your own.

  6. Click Next to save the data and continue.



The image below is an example of the Rezio default template, the data will be generated according to your product and customer’s reservation details, and the color will follow the design for MySite.

  • Custom Voucher

When choosing Custom Voucher, you can use your own customized template for the voucher design.  Most settings are the same as using Rezio Voucher, the difference is that you’ll have to select the voucher template to be used.

Note: For more details on creating customized vouchers, please go to Admin Settings | Create Customized Voucher.

  1. You can select from existing templates or create new ones, please refer to Creating Custom Voucher.

  2. If you want to use different template for different language, click + to add other language.

  3. Select the template for your selected language.

  1. Click Add to complete the setting.

  2. You need to set the voucher template for each sales option separately, but it is OK to use the same template for all options.  Once you’re done, click Save


  • Upload Customized QR Code

If you choose to use Customized QR Code, you will have to upload it under the Order Detail page after the bookings are made, and the QR code cannot be redeemed with Rezio APP.

  • Upload Voucher Files

You can design the voucher files with other software and the upload to Rezio Admin, but since it’s not linked with the system, you will not be able to redeem the voucher with Rezio APP.

  1. Set the time that the voucher will be sent, this is only for your customer’s reference as in fact the voucher will be sent by you manually.

  2. Choose the “How to Use” instruction text, or you can enter your own texts.

  • OTA Vouchers - KKday

This option is only applicable if your product is sold in KKday, and if you choose this option, this product will not be available in MySite.  Please contact your Rezio Expert when using this option.