This guide is intended to help you walk through the additional settings for creating a new product in Rezio Admin that can enrich your product page, including itinerary, locations, pick-up services, guides, add-on and tags.


Product > Add Product 

Log in to Rezio Admin , you can click on Add Product on the menu or click on +Add in Product List to  begin product setup.


  • Itinerary

  1. Set the total duration time in Duration.

  2. Choose whether there are BreakfastLunch or Dinner included.

  3. Choose to add an itinerary item by Time Slot or Bullet Point. If you choose to add by Time Slot, adjust the time to the starting time of the item.

  4. Enter in the text box to describe the item.

  5. Choose a photo to go with the item (optional).

  1. Click Add and the added item will appear below the Add button.

  2. When you have finished editing the itinerary, click Next.

Hint: The order of items is adjustable by clicking the up and down arrows and removable by clicking the bin icon.

Note: The itinerary will be shown on MySite as below.


  • Location

You can add the destination, meeting place or voucher exchange location details to inform your customers about where the activity takes place. The steps for setting up are the same, and in the following instructions, we’ll show you how to set up the destination location as example.

Note: To display the locations, switch the toggle button to blue. When the button is gray, the information won’t be shown on MySite. To expand the field, click the + icon and to hide the field, click the - icon. 


  1. Enter the name for the Destination.

  2. Enter Address

  3. Type in Note and fill in Latitude and Longitude. (optional)

  4. Choose Use Your Image or Use Google Maps. (optional) 

  5. Click Add and the added location will appear below the Add button.

  6. When you finish editing location settings, click Next to continue.

Hint: After entering the address and click Generate Map, the system will automatically generate and pinpoint the location on Google Maps. You can also enter latitude and longitude to help the system generate a more accurate location on Google Maps. 

Note: When the toggle button is enabled, the location shown on MySite will be as below.

  • Pick-up Service

You can set up pick-up routes for your customers to choose when they make the reservation.

If you have already set up many pickup routes, you can type keywords in the search bar to find the pickup option required. If there aren’t any suitable pickup route, you can add a new one for this product.

Note: For more details on adding pickup routes, please go to Admin Settings | Pickup.

  1. Tap on the switch to set the pick-up service for OUTBOUND or RETURN route.  (Blue=enabled, grey=disabled)

  2. Select the pickup route required.

  3. All the pickup routes successfully added will appear at the top.

  4. Click Next to continue.


  • Guide Service

In the guide services section, you can select the language guide services offered in your product.

  • To add, click the + sign and select the guide services.

  • To remove a language, click the x sign.

  • To remove all the languages, click xRemove All and to select all languages, click +Select All.

    When finished adding, click Next to continue.



  • Price Details

In the price details section, you can show your customers what kind of fees are included or excluded in the product price.

You can choose to add with the built-in fees or type in customized fees. When finished adding, click Next to continue.



  1. Click the + sign in Fees included or Fees excluded bar and wait for the fee list to appear. To remove a fee, click the x sign.

  2. Select the fees. You can use the filter function or entering keywords to search for the fee you would like to select.

  3. After selecting all the fees, click Confirm.



  1. Enter the fee name in the custom bar.

  2. Click the + sign and the added fee will appear below the custom bar. To remove a fee, click the x sign.


Note: The price details will be shown on MySite as below.

  • Add-ons

In the add-on section, you can set up other services or products that your customer can buy at the same time when they make the reservation.

If you have already set up many add-on options, you can type keywords in the search bar to find the add-on option required. If there aren’t any suitable option, you can add a new add-on in the settings.

All the add-on options successfully added will be shown in the list.

Note: For more details on adding add-ons, please go to Admin Settings | Add-on.

  1. Select the add-on options required.

  2. Click Next

  • Tag

If you wish to categorize your products for your customers to find a suitable product, you could add tags along with your product for product type, recommended age, skill level, intensity, place/landmark or even customize your own tags.

To add a tag:

  1. Click the + sign to enter the tag list.

  2. Select tag and click Confirm.


  1. Review your selections and then click Next.



  • Translating Your Product Info

If you wish to provide a multilingual interface for foreign customers, you can also translate your product information shown on MySite into different languages in Rezio Admin.

  1. Go to Settings > Translation.

  2. Click on the product you wish to add translation to enter translation mode.

Hint: All the products with complete settings will automatically appear in the translation section. You can enter keywords or use the filter function to find your product.

Note: For more details on the translation section, please go to Admin Settings | Translation.

  1. Click the + sign and select the language you want to translate into and click Confirm.

  2. After confirming, you can start translating in the corresponding text box.

  3. When you have finished translating, click Save.


Remark:  Only the system built-in content will change according to the language your customer selects. If you use English for product setup and did not translate your content in the translation section when your customers enter your MySite, they will only see the product information in English no matter which language they choose to view as shown in the below photo.

Note: It is recommended to complete all translations of the product details to provide clear information for your customers.